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First, remember that Social selling is a modern approach to traditional sales.

Social Selling using digital devices

Moreover, it gives digital sellers and marketers an upscaling advantage in targeting the audience with unique value-adding brand awareness. 

Doing it right- Social Selling is all about keeping your brand at the forefront of your customer’s minds, every time they visit your brand presence on social media platforms.

What is Social Selling?

The main point is to use Social Media Platforms to connect and establish your brand as news story worthy. 

Digital Marketing Institute defines social selling as “the process of using social media platforms and tools to develop meaningful relationships with new potential and existing customers.

Social media platforms could be a mix of Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, or Pinterest. Chances are big that your main audience has one of these as a preferred social media channel. Make sure to be on those platforms, be relevant, valuable and communicate with them wisely.

As Chin-Chin Suarez describes it: “While it has the word “social” in it, it’s not the same as social media marketing or advertising. But, it does have something to do with social media and everything to do with people, specifically your targeted prospects.”. and “Using social media will help you to shorten the whole sales cycle, it will bring you new opportunities, increases your leads and helps you with relationship building.”

Use tools kits such as Google Analytics or Facebook Business Manager as a monitoring tool to develop and understand your audience. Their behavior, interests and most importantly what makes them engage with your brand, leading them to be your customer and buying your product.

Remember! All the efforts you put into Social Selling will sooner or later pay you back in leading your prospects to your Landing Page as it is your most important sales and marketing channel for your business.

Social Selling relationship building in digital space

Develop meaningful relationships, as it applies to all valuable and interesting human connections, it is very important here. Remember to share useful and engaging content for your audience, let it be valuable, relevant, and actionable. If you do it right, it is likely they will hit your call to action button on your social media account.

Have in mind to vary your content, keep it fresh, and be the one to be preferred. Your social media feed will not get much attention if you’re sharing the same type of content over and over again.

Try a mix of video and photo creation, post newsletters, and how-to blog posts. Launch and start a webinar or podcast, do some infographic guides and post client testimonials, publish user-generated content. Make sure it is relevant and drives your audience engagement. 

Share and tell your story in a way that is meaningful to you and your main audience. Be on the same level as your customers.  Whether it’s a series of Instagram posts sharing photos of your business’s humble beginning or on Facebook live. Just think and be authentic about it, and do what customers love your brand for.

Stand out, be creative and build a successful long-lasting relationship with your prospects. Your business sure needs it and your customers want it.

Social selling targeting customers

Customers, the best social selling strategies are those where you interact authentically with your customers; let them have the experience of organic reach out and meaningful enjoyable communication.

Take time each day to view follower comments, engage with your audience, and answer each question or comment that requires an answer.

If you handle your target audience with the respect and the acknowledgment that they deserve on all your social media accounts presence, then your brand will be in a position as their first on mind when they need a service or product that you provide.

Establish the connection before they enter your sales funnel!

Establish awareness and trust with your potential and existing customers and make them your most engaging prospects. Your social media feed won’t get much attention if you’re sharing the same type of content over and over again, no matter how valuable or relevant the information is.

In conclusion to Social Selling. The best is to be active on the right social channel that your target audience prefers. Where they spend most of their online time. And don’t forget, that all your efforts in Social Selling will sooner or later pay you back in leading your customers to enter your sales funnel on your Landing Page.

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