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Another little-known term, which is becoming a trendy concept in some of the developed countries.

Just like a regenerative business, regenerative marketing focuses on the people and society. The main goal is to leave the planet a better place!

According to Marketing Journal, it’s “Marketing practices which nurture communities and build local prosperity over the long term. The outcomes of regenerative marketing include value creation for customers, employees, and local communities. Regenerative marketing must – by definition- build community wealth”.

The main goal with regenerative marketing is to build long-term trust with the community, nation & globally. Marketing strategies for companies are created and implemented with a sustainable approach.

This type of marketing approach is beneficial for the planet because the whole process is regenerative. Businesses focus on being more sustainable implement more processes like recycling & reusing into their core and daily procedures.   

When applying a regenerative marketing strategy main goal is to highlight what the company is doing for its planet and people, and show society how the business is taking responsibility towards humanity and the environment.

Danish marketing & sustainability expert – Thomas Kolster says: “Regenerative Marketing is more than just a trending marketing term”. The concept is explicit and achievable. It disposes of mass-media marketing – the old ways and instead implements out-of-the-box and, innovative and creative solutions, which won’t harm the planet.

Traditional Marketing VS Regenerative Marketing

Traditional Marketing framework
Traditional Marketing framework by Enrico Foglia, Christian Sarkar & Phillip Kotler
Regenerative marketing framework
Regenerative Marketing framework by Enrico Foglia, Christian Sarkar & Phillip Kotler.

Enrico Foglia, Christian Sarkar & Phillip Kotler at Regenerative Marketing Institute has provided a framework with clear examples of how we can differentiate traditional marketing and regenerative marketing. While traditional marketing focuses on profits first and people & community last, regenerative marketing focuses first of all on building trust with the community and lastly on profit.

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